2017-11-15 / Loose Ends

Cold comfort

What season is it?
Susan Nienow

What a difference the weather makes! It was a miserable day today – raw and rainy, but most of us at bridge were glad to be wearing sweaters and boots again. It should be raw and rainy in November, especially since my forsythia has already bloomed this fall.

Yes, forsythia is supposed to bloom in the spring. It is confused again. This is the third year it has bloomed in the late fall. Actually, last year it was December.

Apparently the retailers are also confused. The Christmas things were out before Halloween. I love orange, but not with red and green. Also, they didn’t really have room for both, so something got the short end of the stick.

My spring bulbs are still in the bags on top of the garage refrigerator waiting for me to plant them. I was waiting for the ground to be cool and then it jumped right to uncomfortably cold and wet.

Thank goodness there is nothing like a home inspector. I realize there are people who call themselves home inspectors, but they are actually house inspectors. That is different. A home inspector would notice that my bedroom looks suspiciously like a hoarder resides there. It is time to get the winter clothes out and put away the capris.

It shouldn’t be that hard – everything is in piles on the floor. Or used to be in piles. Every time the weather wasn’t hot, I pulled something out of a pile to wear, since the summer things had outstayed their welcome. Some of the piles fell over. Then I pushed some of them out of the way.

I guess it is time to find a home for those non-piles. My other half mentioned them the other day, and he is very patient. I may have mentioned that I have trouble getting rid of anything. I am certain they are going to come back in style during my lifetime or will fit better next month.

Christmas decorations are a little like clothes. Every year the retailers carry new things, and the icicle lights are new and improved. We still have the basic ones, though I lust after every different strand of lights. I love my papier-mache reindeer that were in fashion a few years ago. For me, they will always be in fashion.

The attic is where the hoards of holiday decorations spend the other 11 months of the year. The wreaths are on hooks, the garlands stretched out on the wall. I haven’t used either category of decorations in about a decade. Our front door isn’t even visible to anyone. We go in through the garage, and the house can’t be seen from the road.

Styles have changed in a decade – at least enough so that the wreaths look a little dated. Those old decorations remind me of the mess in my bedroom. Time to consider recycling these things that would be new to someone else. My other half would like the extra room in the attic, too.

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