Don’t Let Your Paper Pass You By!

Since 1995, the Chesterfield Observer has been delivering the news that’s important to you – every week. Last year, the Observer changed its delivery system – moving away from the U.S. Postal Service to a private delivery company.

We are currently offering Chesterfield Observer Delivery Boxes for a one-time fee of $24.95 (which includes installation) to residents in Salisbury who live on the following streets:

Castleford Court

Castleford Drive

Castleford Terrace

Christendom Drive

Gildenborough Drive

Gildenborough Court

Gamelaw Court

Galloway Terrace

Galloway Court

Domfont Court

Chepstow Road (parts of)

Newgate Road (parts of)

West Salisbury Road (parks of)

If you like to order a delivery box, please call 804-545-7518 or email Or if your street is listed above, click here to place your order today!