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Hampton Park neighbor supports county critic


Dear Editor:

I'd like to respond to the recent letter published by the [Chesterfield] Observer, which contained blatantly false information about a neighbor of mine, Shelly Schuetz, and I am upset that you allowed it to be printed anonymously. Perhaps it was written by a Barber supporter? I believe your reporters have talked to her along with other media sources. She is extremely nervous being in the spotlight, but chose to overcome her fears because, unlike the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors, she cares a great deal about children hers, her neighbors and all the children in Chesterfield County. And, she cares a great deal about the rotten deal they are getting in their education because the Chesterfield BOS is more interested in helping developers make more millions by giving them tax breaks or not requiring them to provide for services that residents will demand upon their arrival to our county. Favoritism to the developers always comes before providing a decent education for our children.

Any politician or media representative that believes the only important ingredient to good schooling is good teachers totally underestimates the effect of extreme overcrowding in our school system. Parents like Shelly Schuetz and myself have witnessed the effect of overcrowding on our children who attend the most crowded schools in the county, Spring Run Elementary and Swift Creek Middle.

And since the politicians in this county continue to turn a blind eye to the problems in the western corridor, it takes someone like Shelly to keep the problems in the media's eye, however difficult it may be [for] her to speak out. Midlothian residents can say what they want about us, but if you do some research you will see that Midlothian schools have not experienced [as] high overcrowding rates as the schools in the Matoaca district. Midlothian seems to get schools and roads much more easily than [we do]. And I hold Ed Barber and Renny Humphrey, along with the other BOS members, personally responsible for the challenges our children in the western corridor of Chesterfield face daily in our public school system.

Kathy Horvath

Hampton Park

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