2006-08-30 / Loose Ends

Yet another August

Susan Nienow

I ran into the drug store last week to pick up two things - a birthday card to send to a friend and a lipstick. If it weren't for the fact that I got hungry, I might still be there. A young girl was looking at the cards too, and when she picked up one and laughed, I picked it up to see what was so funny.

It wasn't. Funny, that is. On the outside was a picture of a female looking in the mirror and touching her hair. Inside was some crack about finding a gray hair. Now, if the card had said something about finding a hair that wasn't gray, that would've been funny. I decided to wait until she left before choosing a card.

On to the lipsticks. I had the old one with me so it should have been easy. Not only did they not have it, they had changed the line because there weren't any that had the same case.

It's not easy to start over at my age. I began looking for a color match. Did I want sunscreen? Sure. All day or brilliant shine? Tube or gel? Is the $9.99 kind better than the buy one get one free? I don't want to think that hard about buying lipstick.

After heading back to the cards, it took 35-minutes to find a funny but not caustic, cute but not cutesy, honest but not sappy card that wasn't pink or lavender.

At the checkout counter was a display of reading glasses. Everyone is selling them - the grocery store, the department store, even the bookstore. OK, so they are reading glasses. But is it good marketing to keep reminding me that I can't see the small stuff?

Off to lunch with a friend. I grabbed the menu - the selections with the little heart are "heart healthy," and those with the balloon must come in children's portions. The ones with the restaurant logo are the house specials, and the ones with lemon juice dressing and four kinds of lettuce are the diet choices. They are tactfully marked with a...what? A scale?

No, that can't be. Let me get out those new reading glasses. I caved in and bought the lime green ones. They were right there in every color.

Oh, it's not a scale. It's a fish - a seafood salad. And those aren't balloons. They are different color vegetables - vegetarian dishes.

After lunch we stopped by the bookstore, giving me another chance to wear those cute glasses. The first display was cookbooks. I could read enough even without the glasses to know they weren't going to make me feel younger: "High Fiber Great Taste" and "Low Cholesterol Favorites."

This morning it was my other half. He wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday. I think it is over the top to remind me a week in advance that I will soon be a year older.

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