2006-08-30 / Opinions

A debate is needed


This fall, there is an excellent opportunity to educate the electorate for the upcoming supervisor race in the Midlothian District by having the candidates debate each other.

Now that Republican Don Sowder and Democrat Dan Gecker have been selected by their parties to run for Midlothian supervisor, the Chesterfield Observer has contacted both the candidates and their parties to indicate our willingness to promote and report on a debate.

We have also contacted Comcast to see if the cable company could cablecast the debate live and perhaps rebroadcast the debate several more times before Election Day on Nov. 7.

The details of the debate would be left up to the candidates: when, where, how long and other guidelines. We seek no larger role other than to start the discussion about a debate.

Traditionally, an incumbent has often viewed a debate as exposure for the challenger, who is usually not as well-known. But in this case, since former supervisor Ed Barber resigned, there is no incumbent. That should make it easier for the candidates to agree to a debate.

Ultimately, the winner will be the voter who will know more about the views of the candidates after the debate.

We urge both candidates to get together and agree on guidelines for a debate as soon as possible.

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