2006-08-30 / Opinions

Shewmake thanks backers

I want to thank all those who so generously gave their time to work on my campaign for Midlothian supervisor, from mailing flyers, to putting up signs (again and again), to making countless calls, to working the polls. Campaigning involves long hours, but your exuberance and commitment made the experience memorable.

I want to thank each of you who took the time out of your busy scheduling during the height of summer distractions to vote in the Republican primary. I extend my thanks not only to my supporters, but to my opponents' supporters as well. Democracy depends on folks like you who stay informed and involved in the process. As this primary election demonstrated, every vote counts. I also want to thank those who came to vote but who were declined a ballot because you would not sign a Republican pledge card. I appreciate your effort, and I respect your decision. Please don't become disheartened-stay involved.

I want to thank my family for their love and support. I recognize the sacrifice they made not only during the campaign, but also the greater sacrifice they were prepared to make had I been given the honor of serving as Midlothian supervisor. Win or lose, I wanted my family and friends to be proud of the campaign we ran, and hopefully they are. As a father, I am keenly aware that adults are role models in whatever we do. I therefore had intended with this race to teach my children how to win with humility, but instead was provided the opportunity to show them how to lose with grace. Hopefully, one day I'll get the chance to teach the original lesson I wanted to impart . . . .

Finally, my extensive, albeit brief, campaign reinforced for me another truth: Midlothian is an extraordinary place because it is filled with extraordinary people.

William H. Shewmake

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