2006-11-15 / Loose Ends

Loose Ends

Decisions, decisions
Susan Nienow

It's the start of the winter hunt for moisturizers. I thought I could be in and out of the drug store in less than five minutes. Forty minutes later, I was still standing in the aisle in front of the shelves full of moisturizing potions for my hands. Did I want to smell like a cucumber or a melon?

And how chapped will my hands get? Will they need healing or advanced healing? With aloe? During the winter, I usually keep a tube of hand cream in the car for emergency hand care, so I put the tube of high-test hand moisturizer in my basket.

Next the elbows. I chose the moisturizer that sounded medicinal for my elbows. They deserve special attention.

On to my legs - I couldn't decide whether I wanted the skin firming, the firming reviver or the firming radiance. But maybe I should go for the one that smoothes the dimples and gets rid of cellulite. This sounds like more fun than dieting and exercising.

Or, I could get the self-tanning kind. It comes in three shades, so I can go with the week in Florida, 10 days in the Bahamas or the all-out 14 days on a yacht look. But does it take the alligator look out of my skin?

Several claimed to moisturize for 24 hours. I think I'd need a shower by then anyway. Then I could start out clean with the one that is cool and makes my skin feel silky. Do I get the daytime version or the formulated for nighttime protection?

Have you noticed that there is an entire aisle of face creams? Some clean, some moisturize, some are multitalented and do both, and some make your face gleam. I need the moisturizer - just that. No sparkles. Maybe a little sunscreen. In a tube, please. Why does moisturizer for my face cost four times more than the moisturizer for my legs or hands?

I wanted to switch shampoo brands and was sure I could find something to moisturize a little, but not make my hair heavy. I had an entire aisle of choices. They were pink and blue and yellow, and battled flyaway hair, skinny hair, curly hair, straight hair, fine hair and...

While I was there, I took a look at the hair gels. I just needed something to give my hair some discipline. Something that would say to my hair, "You know what to do. Now get out there and do it!" So does that mean extra hold or mega hold? Gel in a tube or spray gel? What will my hair look like if I use the lime green stuff?

I did a quick hair analysis - wispy in the humidity, thick, sort of brown, and I couldn't find any shampoos for those hair traits. So I went with what I would like to be this week - a blond with long, straight hair. You never know - it might work.

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