2007-05-30 / Opinions

Hull Street needs traffic lights to be synchronized

Dear Editor,

After reading your article [May 16] on the impending additional disaster(s) west of Winterpock Road on Hull Street Road, it once again stoked my anger about the horrible job that continues to be done on "Little Northern Virginia." This area has been and continues to be a disaster for well over three years now. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) or Chesterfield continues to build, widen, barricade, add lights, many of them totally unnecessary and make life miserable for those of us who must use that horrible piece of roadway.

There are five signals between Winterpock and Old Hundred roads, [a distance of] just 2.5 miles. At least two of those signals have access and egress for only business centers and shopping centers which could be easily right turn only with no light. I have personally called both the county and VDOT and requested that they synchronize the signals (all red and then all green) instead of you having to stop for two to four of them - backing up traffic. This would cost a whopping $0 and just think of all that precious gasoline that could be saved!

Now, they want to do the same to the west corridor that they have done to us. I say to those already living here - get active - beg, plead, do whatever to stop the "monster" from growing, and worry your legislators until they "see" the problem, and have it fixed. By the way, 10 lanes won't be enough if they don't correct the signal situation!

Irvin F. Maslow Sr.


Dale Totten of VDOT's Chesterfield Office says those traffic lights are already sequenced and monitored but his staff will check. Editor

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