2007-09-12 / Opinions

Builders, not citizens, benefit from illegal immigration

Dear Editor,

Your article on obstacles to enforcing illegal immigration raised some excellent points which may not have been obvious to the casual reader. In the tally of direct costs of dealing with illegal residents we saw that nearly half came from police, county jail, court and unpaid fines. This does not even touch on the cost to citizens for physical harm and property damage involved in [those] crimes.

Second was the implicit admission that the development community was making widespread use of cheaper, but illegal, labor at the expense of legal workers. What we see here is a classic example of a special interest in action. That is the narrowly focused benefit of lower priced labor for the builders and lower priced homes for the new homebuyer and the widely disbursed cost to the taxpayers of the county. It can be stopped, but it will take more courage and dedication to principle than we have seen recently in our county government.

Larry Miller


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