2008-01-30 / Loose Ends

Loose Ends

Go ahead and tell me
Susan Nienow

I think the key to growing older gracefully is to pay attention - something I should have been doing the last time I wore that brown and gold sweater. I wonder how long that spot on the front had been there? Was it there when we went out for dinner the previous time I'd worn it?

And the ultimate question - why didn't anyone tell me, dear? After all, if my other half won't tell me, who will? Maybe he didn't see it. That would be bad news. We can't have an agerelated deficit in the same area at the same time. He is supposed to compensate for my shortcomings, right?

That goes for remembering names, too. When we run into someone I know but can't remember her name, my other half is supposed to step up, introduce himself and ask who she is as though I have forgotten my manners. That seems to be far better than saying, "I haven't a clue who you are" or "I remember what we talked about the last time I saw you, but I can't remember your name."

Wearing the right shoes requires close attention. That is not a style dilemma. If I am going to be doing much standing or walking, I pick the shoes first and then the outfit selection follows. For a day of errands and shopping, comfortable wins. Out to dinner means anything goes because I will be sitting down most of the time.

I do find myself yearning for things the way they used to be - a definite sign of getting older. And I have noticed that businesses are hiring younger and younger people. The newscaster on yesterday's noon news must be a child prodigy. He couldn't be a day over 16, and I doubt if he shaves yet.

I had a very unpleasant revelation last week. For the first time ever, I fell going up some stairs, and I didn't even turn around to check if anyone had seen me. It wasn't that I was hurt so badly, but apparently my priorities have changed. I was busy making sure I hadn't broken anything.

Have you noticed how intolerant the young people are today? And it is getting worse. The male offspring in my family has always been good at rolling his eyes, but now he has gone too far. He is holding the door for me, carrying packages and reminding me of things two or three times in the same evening. Polite? No - he thinks I am doddering.

After he reminded me for the third time in the same game that saving those cards wouldn't do me any good, I exploded. Well, not exactly. I patted him on the hand and said I would have my geriatric specialist let him know when I was having short-term memory problems as soon as I could remember who it is.

I would like to see his face the first time he realizes that he is becoming his parents.

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