2008-11-05 / Opinions

Parent condemns dancing photo

Dear Editor,

After reading the responses to your article on Clover Hill's dirty dancing, I decided to add something. I was very interested in reading the article, and I agree with those that think something needs to be done. I, however, did not agree with you printing that picture in your paper. I feel like the Chesterfield Observer is a great way to get local news and enjoy reading it. I have always felt like the paper was "family friendly."

On the facing page of this article was a picture of some the girls on the Cosby [High School] Titans volleyball team, and my 4- year-old son was extremely interested to see if my cousin, who plays on the team, was in the picture. I thought nothing of it until I noticed your completely inappropriate picture on the facing page. I was horrified because my son noticed it first. You were completely out of line printing that picture in a paper so many of us consider "safe."

I enjoy letting my son look at the pictures you often include of children at school. I feel like my trust in your judgment is so shaken I'm afraid to open the paper when it comes. I certainly don't do it when my son is around. I am completely disgusted by your terrible judgment.

I was also very surprised that you did not respond to the letters written already with an apology. You were completely out of line, and I feel that you certainly owe your readers an apology. Rebecca Drum Chesterfield

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