2008-11-05 / Opinions

Clover High High has helped her son

Dear Editor,

I am writing with deepest admiration for Clover Hill High School (CHHS) Principal Deborah Marks and the entire school staff. Chesterfield County is fortunate to have such outstanding people who truly make such a positive impact each day.

This is the first year my 15-year-old son has ever attended school full time. My son has autism, life-threatening physical health problems, and is also very gifted academically. I have been homeschooling him all these years until now.

He is thriving at CHHS, and he absolutely loves it. Principal Marks and everyone in the school have been so wonderful to my son. I can't even begin to adequately describe the depths of my appreciation to them for all they have done to make his educational experience there a success.

On the very first day of school, Principal Marks personally greeted us and already knew my son's needs. I was impressed because there are so many students. That personal kindness meant a lot. And that same kind, caring atmosphere I have personally received from each and every teacher and staff person there. They have been more than there for my son. I will never forget their goodness. From their stellar expertise to genuine caring, I have only the highest praise and thanks for them.

Starting high school is daunting enough for most young people. To start school for the very first time at that level after being homeschooled so many years makes it extra challenging, but add special needs to that. I am delighted to report the first day of school and every day thereafter has been a complete success thanks to the most fantastic people at CHHS.

My son is excelling and goes to school each day with complete happiness and joy. He is becoming independent, learning so much from their highly ranked academic program, and succeeding in life.

When you have a child with special needs, you worry if anything happens to you, will they be okay in their life without you? Thanks to CHHS, I see that my son will not only succeed, he will reach for the stars and shine, and he will be able to navigate through life safely, with joy, and with success.

Thank you to Principal Marks, all my son's most wonderful teachers, all the incredibly marvelous staff in the office, guidance and clinic, everyone there including the great students, I thank with all my heart. Eileen Jacobs Hampton Park

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