2009-01-14 / Loose Ends

January thoughts

Loose Ends
Susan Nienow

What a strange month! Every January I go through cream cheese and Christmas cookie withdrawal. As if that weren't bad enough, half the channels on TV have leaping ladies in leotards telling me how simple it is to do a few crunches and look like them. All I have to do is sign up for their healthy food choices or enroll in their crunch classes. And pay for them, of course. In six easy payments.

I am waiting for the morning when I wake up and feel the urge to exercise. I forced the issue two weeks ago and hurt my back. Now I am refraining from exertion until I heal. Surely I wouldn't be given the cream cheese gene without the exercise gene. They should go together.

I have been burning some calories trying to get rid of the glitter. It ended up on my sweaters, my face, the kitchen counter and my desk. It isn't my glitter. I know better than to buy anything with sparkles that come off on my hands. It must have come in on a card or some wrapping paper. The vacuum cleaner doesn't get it all. I will be finding sparkly little bits through spring.

Part of my time is spent looking for things. When the holidays come, we put away the table runner and the sit-arounds on the tables. We even take some of our pictures down so we can put up holiday decor. This year everything in the front hall had to be cleared out - the candlesticks, the dried arrangement and the lamp.

I tend to put things away in the handiest place so they aren't all in the same place. It makes putting things back exciting. Last year my other half had the lamp hooked up and asked where I put the shade. Actually, he also asked why I didn't put the lamp away with the shade on it. It didn't fit on the closet shelf, that's why. So I took the shade off and put it in the cedar chest. There is logic to everything I do. We just don't speak the same logic.

All of our decorations are still up because our fly-through daughter will be here for two and a half days, and she didn't have a "typical" Christmas in the Congo. That means next week, after she leaves, and after the Christmas things are back up in the attic, we will be spending our spare time hunting for lost objects. Usually I find a gift I didn't remember I had, and then I have to decide if I should wrap it and give it or put it away for next year.

January is also the time when I wonder why we have winter. If I said that to my other half, he would launch into an explanation of why we have winter. That is not exactly what I am looking for here. Just a little understanding. It's wet and cold, and I am tired of wearing sturdy shoes.

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