2010-10-06 / Loose Ends

The domino effect

Susan Nienow

Yesterday I was going to be on my feet all day, and my toe hurt. I have no idea what I did to it to make it mad, but it was. So I wore sandals that didn’t even touch that toe. Today the toe is fine, but my knee on the same side aches. I think I was walking funny so I wouldn’t hurt my foot, and now my knee is feeling the stress.

Since I was on the injured list and couldn’t shop, I went through my fall and winter shoes. I will need good support and lots of padding on the soles. Otherwise I could hurt a foot or a knee. I put shoes on my list – go with almost everything, small heel, good support, cute. Now if cooler weather would only come so I could wear them…

I also had time yesterday to do some mending. I had the needle, button, shirt and a spool of blue thread, only I dropped the thread, which rolled under my desk to the back wall. If I pulled on the thread it just unwound. The desk was too heavy for me to move, and I didn’t think about it when my other half was around.

This afternoon I caught up with him, and I broke a cardinal rule: Don’t move furniture unless I am prepared to deal with everything it uncovers. Not including the dust bunny colonies, we found seven beads, all different, so I needed to put each away in a separate container, one broken button and three receipts (the dates shall remain unknown). Also under the desk were two pens and an assortment of beading things like bits of wire, a piece of chain and some fishing line.

Vacuuming my office, and in particular under my desk, moved up the list from “someday” to right then while I had the moving man on site. I just winced every time there was a rattle going up the vacuum hose. More beads, I assumed. Some of the seed beads require a magnifying glass to see, and others I find by stepping on them.

While I was out on a search for comfortable, cute shoes I noticed the car was making funny noises – like going over a rumble strip, only not quite as loud. And the dashboard lit up like Christmas. So I pulled over and did what any modern, self-sufficient woman would do and called my other half. “Do I stay put or keep driving?”

The end result is that the car is waiting patiently at the fix-it shop for the repair crew to come in tomorrow morning. Because my other half drives a truck, and I don’t, he will be my ride to work tomorrow. That means I can’t stop a few places to look for shoes on my way home, but I am still waiting for this last domino (car in the shop) to fall, hitting the one in front of it.

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