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Nissan manager takes issue with electric car story

In response to the Sept. 22 Chesterfield Observer [story] on “Electric cars stir surge of interest,” the question is why ask a Toyota dealer about a Nissan product?

Many of the facts were incorrect; the cost of a home charger for the Zero Emission Nissan Leaf is less than $2,500 rather than the $22,000 as stated. This charger will give the Leaf a full charge in about eight hours while you sleep. Your cell phone will have a message in the morning confirming that your car is ready to go.

All level two or home charger plugs will be uniform and plug into any electric vehicle. It is no different than every gas station in the United States having the same nozzle to fill up your gas-powered vehicle. The level three or 30-minute fast chargers will also be uniform, and a standard plug will be announced in the spring of 2011 for the entire U.S.

Pence Nissan on Midlothian Turnpike is planning the installation of a level three, 30-minute fast charger that will be made available for any electric vehicle passing through the area.

These new 100 percent electric vehicles will make the term MPG, or miles per gallon, obsolete; the new term will be miles traveled per dollar. Based on the 2010 EPA ratings, the fuel efficient Toyota Prius can achieve about 19 miles per dollar, Ford Fusion Hybrid 14 miles, Honda Accord nine miles and the 100 percent electric Nissan Leaf 38 miles per dollar.

For additional information, go to and click on the “Leaf” link.
Vincent C. Arendosh
General Manager
Pence Nissan
In the Sept. 29 issue the Chesterfield Observer acknowledged our error in reporting the cost of the home charger. Editor

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