2010-11-10 / Opinions

Obey county ordinances

I was really disappointed when reading the [Oct. 13] article, “Church violates banner ordinance.” There were three things that really disturbed me about this article.

First, I was disappointed to see that the Bon Air Christian Church is not following the ordinance about banners. As Christians, it is important that churches as a whole “render to Caesar what is Caesars.” We are called to respect authority, and I urge all Christians in Chesterfield to be more sensitive to the witness we have, especially when it comes to following [county] ordinances and the law.

Secondly, I was disappointed to see that there is a man in our county who has nothing better to do with his time than notifying the “county’s zoning department of more than 500 alleged violations.” Are you serious, Bob Olsen? You have nothing better to do with your time? There are people without work, without food, without family, without a friend to talk to. There are those in prison who need someone to talk to. There are elderly people who need to be visited. What about those dying from illnesses who have no one to visit them in the hospital? If you have spent your life looking to get people and organizations into trouble, you need to check yourself. We need to seriously think about how our actions reflect who we are as people. What will you be known for when you die? What will people say about you? This kind of thing is not something I or any other people in this county would want to be known for. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Make the most of every day by showing people how much you care about them.

Lastly, I am disappointed that a county supervisor would be encouraging this kind of behavior. The fact is the zoning department has a job to do, and if they are not doing it, the zoning department is accountable. Here is a great piece of advice I can send to the zoning department: Don’t pass an ordinance you have no plans to enforce. It’s very irresponsible, and for one, I don’t like the idea of my tax dollars going to a department that is not doing its job effectively and to the best of its ability. Chesterfield citizens, do you really think we should have to get a permit just to post a banner on our property? As for me and my house, I say no. What issues are we facing if we allow businesses and individuals to post banners on their property? I would like to know why such an ordinance was approved in the first place. Does anyone know?
Sarah Leeke

Ordinances governing banners and illegal signs are recommended by the planning commission and approved by the county board of supervisors. Editor

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