2011-11-09 / News

Soccer club weary of vandalism at Lowes soccer complex on Jefferson Davis

By Greg Pearson

The Chesterfield United Soccer Club is still experiencing vandalism at its leased facilities at the Lowes Soccer Complex on Jefferson Davis Highway south of Route 10. CUSC leases the facility, which has three unlit fields with the potential of two more in the future.

CUSC officials think the site is being targeted. “I don’t think it’s random acts of vandalism,” said Patrick McStay, director of operations for CUSC.

According to a report before last week’s Chesterfield Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, there have been a number of acts of vandalism at the facility. They include graffiti, broken glass left on a field, and driving four-wheel drive vehicles on a wet field, making it temporarily unusable. There has also been illegal dumping of construction materials at the complex.

The Hensley soccer complex in southern Chesterfield suffered similar problems until security cameras were purchased and an off-duty police officer began patrolling the area occasionally. When an arrest was made, the problems ceased.

The PRAC board followed McStay’s recommendation and unanimously voted to recommend a ten-year lease for CUSC. McStay said a longer lease would enable CUSC to secure more grant funding that could be used for security.

A longer lease would require holding a public hearing by county supervisors before the board votes. Currently, CUSC’s lease is up in 18 months.

Thus far, no other soccer group has expressed an interest in leasing the Lowes complex.

Soccer clubs get OK to use SportsQuest fields

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee unanimously approved field assignments last week for local soccer clubs to use the artificial fields at the SportsQuest complex Nov.28-March 1. Use of the fields was a condition of the contract that Chesterfield required in order to contribute $4.3 million of its capital improvements budget to SportsQuest.

The fields will be used by the Richmond Kickers, FC Richmond, Chesterfield United, Richmond Strikers and the Richmond Panthers. About one-third of the available time on the eight fields remains open.

Some of the soccer groups using those fields spoke out in opposition to the county’s financial agreement with SportsQuest.

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