2013-01-09 / Loose Ends

Loose Ends

’Twas the mess after Christmas
Susan Nienow

This is my get-it-together month. I have made a list of things to do including washing the windows knowing, of course, that most of it won’t get done. First is to get the tree down and decorations packed up and put in the attic. That has to be done. We don’t have Christmas in July around here.

Once the decorations are gone, it is time to declutter the house. December is always busy, and things have been forming piles everywhere there is a surface. The top of the dryer is home to three sheets of green tissue paper, a pair of shorts with a missing button (if I put it in with the mending it will never get done), four napkins that need ironing, a spool of ribbon and some dust.

Most of the clutter is in areas of the house that guests would never see, just in case someone drops in during the holidays. That’s both good and bad news. I won’t trip over things that aren’t put away, but I can also put off dealing with them.

Next, it’s time to sort through my Christmas card box. No, I don’t do ecards or letters. I am old-fashioned about cards. However, my list is getting shorter every year as people drop me off their list or I – well, I never drop people. I can’t do it. So if you are tired of hearing from me, you have to do the dropping.

Back to the box. It is full of cards and no envelopes, or the reverse. There could be two cards left from 2008 or seven cards with five envelopes from 2010.

I mean to use them each year but don’t ever think of getting the box out before I send my cards. It’s time to sort through them and pitch the ones I can’t use – no envelopes – and count the ones I can so I don’t overbuy next year.

I used one corner of the kitchen table to wrap some little things for the grandchildren, and one of the items had glitter on it. I will be finding glitter for the next decade. It sticks to my clothes, the carpet, my shoes, yet defies the vacuum. But, I will make the grand attempt to get most of what’s left.

We do have a few returns or exchanges to make. They’re not necessarily gifts – just things we have bought recently that were the wrong size, don’t work or were just a mistake. Those things are piled in the hall next to the back door. Anything to go back to a department store or drugstore is on my list. Anything that goes to Northern Tool or the like is up to my other half to deal with.

I did move my amaryllis bulbs in from the garage last week, and they have already started to grow. Of course, they were supposed to bloom for Christmas but …

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