2013-03-06 / Loose Ends

Loose Ends

Busy in spurts
Susan Nienow

I can list things in my calendar for the entire year – bridge every second Tuesday, book club every first Wednesday, garden club every third Wednesday morning, work on Mondays and Sunday nights and – well, it goes on.

By February, the second Tuesday meeting has been changed to the third but just for that month. The first Wednesday meeting has been changed to the second for February and May.

So I scratch things out and re-enter them on the new dates, then watch them crash into other scheduled events and cause chaos. Do I go to the book club or bridge? Oh wait, book club is at my house. How did it get changed without my knowing? Or, how did I forget that?

Eventually things settle out, and I am reasonably organized as long as I remember to read the calendar carefully, and check my email. It is also helpful if people call me for a ride. Then I know what is going on and when it is.

If there is something I really want to go to, then it is a given that there will be at least one other event at the same time. This happens every December when we are invited to a party. It is always the same night as one of our business parties and the church get-together. The rest of the month – not a single free Christmas cookie.

Sometimes it isn’t even a direct conflict. It’s that I am too busy to do everything that week. If this sounds like I am a social butterfly, I’m not. It’s just that everything happens at once. Then I go for weeks and wonder if I offended everyone because they’ve quit calling.

My life is not all about events. Most of the things written on my calendar have to do with deadlines, chores, doctors’ and dentists’ appointments and quirky things I need to remember.

Last week the Wednesday entry was, “Throw away the banana peel.” Instead of having breakfast on Monday, I grabbed a banana and when I finished it, chucked the peel in the mini trash container in the back seat.

By Wednesday the car smelled like banana, but when I got home with my packages, I forgot to throw it out. So Friday’s calendar entry said, “Banana?” On Saturday, I finally remembered to pitch it into the woods from the driveway. It will compost itself.

I enter birthdays into the calendar, but I also have to back up a week and put a gift or card reminder in, too. Even then, I’m the worst at remembering to get those things off on time.

Apparently I need more than a written reminder for that. I don’t know how to program my phone to beep me a reminder.

I think I will have to wait for talking pillows that will tell me to get up, write the card and put it on the steering wheel of my car so I can’t forget it. Only when I go back to bed with freezing feet, will the pillow go silent.

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