2014-01-08 / Loose Ends

A 4-foot what?

Susan Nienow

Christmas was normal in every way – even quiet. We sent the packages out west and two out of three made it before Christmas. Since the others made it a week ahead of time, and all were mailed on the same day, I wonder where that one was for a week.

I got most of my holiday cards with my yearly letter done before we left and sent the last letters with emails. We made our regular road trip north to the Great Lakes, through the snow flurries and temperatures in the 20s, and spent the day with family. Then we took possession of a 4-foot-tall Ferris wheel with four seats, each with two elves. It is electric and goes around when plugged in, though it doesn’t light up.

The one who bought it doesn’t know what came over her. She just had to have it, and the next day wondered what had gotten into her.

I promise this was not my purchase. But, it is mine until I find it a new home. We don’t really have room to display it like it deserves. I mean a 4-foot-tall Ferris wheel really does need to be front and center.

My other half never batted an eye at this. He just measured the Ferris wheel and then measured the back of the car and said it would fit. He’s a saint.

Now it’s on the floor in the family room in front of the sliding glass doors. The birds and the squirrels can enjoy it. It is a fine Christmas Ferris wheel though I don’t have anything to compare it to since I have never seen another one.

Our family used to have an ugly suede clip-on tie that made the rounds as the gag gift no one wanted until it went to someone who didn’t think it was funny. He didn’t give it to anyone the next year. It wouldn’t be practical to do that with this, as it isn’t quite as portable. Our Christmas gifts were rather ordinary. I got my other half a hat to wear when he works in the garage in the winter, and he got me a book on the Vikings (no, not the football team). The kids sent us mugs decorated by the grandchildren and pictures of them. And now there is the Ferris wheel.

Not that it is a gift. I think my family member just wanted it out of sight and therefore out of mind. Now it is in my mind! It truly is the elephant in our living room.

Today when I sat down to write this, I had no idea what I was going to find funny about this past week. It was peaceful and wonderful to see family. The weather was cold and windy there so I am glad all over again that we live here. And then I remembered the elephant.

We have contacted a consignment shop, and they will look at it next September. September. Really? Until then, we have to find a place for it here.

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