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Legal Notices




SEVENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT John Doe and Jane Doe, Petitioners, v. NOTICE OF ADOPTION PROCEEDINGS Reyna Rodriguez Hernandes, A Minor Under the Age of Seven (7) Years, 2012-DR-42-3134 Respondent. TO: JOEL RODRIGUEZ LUIS


1. An adoption proceeding was initiated in the Family Court of Spartanburg County, South Carolina, on December 3, 2012. In the Petition it is alleged that you are the biological father of the minor named herein.

2. The Petitioners in the within Notice are not named for the purpose of confidentiality. However, the Court knows the true identity of the Petitioners and in responding to this Notice, you are required to use the caption and number set forth above.

3. If you intend to contest this Adoption, or to intervene or otherwise respond, it is mandatory that within thirty (30) days of your receipt of this Notice of Adoption Proceedings, you respond in writing by filing with the Family Court for Spartanburg County, South Carolina, your reasons for contesting the proposed adoption, or for intervening or otherwise responding. When you contact the Court, you must also inform the Court of your current address and must subsequently advise the Court of any changes in address during these adoption proceedings. Finally, you should be advised that your failure to file a response within thirty (30) days of receiving this Notice constitutes your consent to Petitioners’ adoption of the minor involved, and forfeits all of your rights and obligations with respect to the said minor child.

4. If you do respond to this Notice, as provided for above, you will subsequently be given the opportunity to appear and be heard at or before the final adoption hearing. You will also be given the opportunity to retain the services of an attorney should you determine to do so.

5. This Notice is given pursuant to § 63-9-730 (E) of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as amended. HENDERSON, BRANDT & VIETH, P.A. Attorney for Petitioners 360 E. Henry Street, Ste. 101 Spartanburg, South Carolina 29302 (864) 582-2962 FAX: (864) 582-2952





In execution of that certain deed of trust in the original principal amount of $445,042.50 dated November 7, 2007, recorded November 8, 2007 in the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court of Chesterfield County, Virginia default having been made in the payment of the indebtedness thereby secured and having been requested to do so by the holder of the note evidencing the said indebtedness, the undersigned trustee will offer for sale at public auction in front of the Circuit Court of Chesterfield county, Virginia, at 9500 Courthouse Road, Chesterfield, Virginia 23832 on February 28, 2014 at 9:00 a.m.

The property described in the deed of trust located at the above street address and more particularly described as: All that piece and parcel of land lying and being in Clover Hill District, Chesterfield County, Virginia, and designated as Parcel G on that certain plat of survey entitled “Plat of 12 Parcels of Land Located on the North Line of Hull Street Road (U.S. Route 360) Clover Hill District, Chesterfield County, Virginia” made by Foster & Miller, P.C., dated May 23, 2007 and recorded August 22, 2007 in the Clerk’s office of the Circuit Court of Chesterfield County, Virginia in Plat book 181, page 51. TERMS OF SALE: Cash or certified funds. A non refundable deposit of twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000.00), payable by certified or cashier’s check to the undersigned will be required of the successful bidder at the time of sale. Settlement shall be within thirty (30) days from date of sale. All real estate taxes to be pro-rated as of date of sale. Seller shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by the purchaser in connection with their purchase or settlement including without limitation, state and local recording fees, title insurance, or any other costs of purchaser’s acquisition. The property and the improvements thereon will be sold “as is” without representations or warranties of any kind. The sale is subject to all other liens, encumbrances, conditions, easements, and restrictions of any which lawfully affect the property. Conveyance shall be by Special Warranty Deed. Trustee reserves the right to postpone or continue the sale with such notice being announced in a manner deemed reasonable by the trustee. Additional terms may be announced at sale. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. For information contact: Thomas L. Gordon or Jonathan Stokes 10303 Memory Lane, Suite 101 Post Office Box 130 Chesterfield, Virginia 23832 (804) 748-8153

PUBLIC NOTICE In accordance with Section 403.8(F)(2)(vii) of the Federal Pretreatment Regulations and with 9 VAC 25-31-800 F.2.h. of the Virginia Administrative Code, the public is hereby notified that in 2013, the following industry discharged industrial wastewater into the Chesterfield County publicly owned treatment works in significant noncompliance with the applicable pretreatment standards and requirements: 1. Virginia Truck Center of Richmond, Inc.

901 W Hundred Road, Chester VA 23836 Virginia Truck Center of Richmond Inc. was in noncompliance during the second quarter reporting period of 2013 for failing to meet discharge permit limits for oil and grease. Direct questions to Abha Sharma, pretreatment program manager, Chesterfield County Department of Utilities, 804-751-4406.

Board of Zoning Appeals of Chesterfield Co on Wednesday February 5 2014 beginning at 1:00 pm in Public Meeting Room at 10001 Iron Bridge Rd Chesterfield Va will consider the following requests. For complete listing & details of items on Board’s agenda visit plan.

14AN0130: In Dale Mag Dist Larry Howard reqs a variance to use a parcel of land which fronts on a dedicated but unimproved public rd for dwell purposes & amdt of zon dist map in R-7 Dist on 2.1 acs lying 1160’ off N terminus of Indian Springs Rd. Density is .4 u/ac. Comp Plan suggests Suburban Residential II use (2.0 to 4.0 dwells/ac).

14AN0133: In Bermuda Mag Dist Barney McLaughlin reqs a variance to use a parcel of land which has no public rd frontage for dwell purposes & a 1000 sq ft variance to reqd 43560 sq ft parcel area & amdt of zon dist map in A Dist on .9 ac lying 1060’ off S line of Enon Church Rd, 685’ W of Cobbs Point Dr. Density is 1.1 u/ac. Comp Plan suggests Suburban Residential II use (2.0 to 4.0 dwells/ac).

14AN0134: In Bermuda Mag Dist Barney McLaughlin reqs amdt of variance (Case 00AN0233) rel to access, 10’ variance to reqd 40’ side yard setback & 17500 sq ft variance to reqd 43560 sq ft parcel area & amdt of zon dist map in A Dist on .7 ac lying 970’ off S line of Enon Church Rd, 685 feet W of Cobbs Point Dr. Density is 1.3 u/ac. Comp Plan suggests Suburban Residential II use (2.0 to 4.0 dwells/ac).

All persons favoring opposing or interested in above are invited to appear at time & place herein stated & may speak. Copies of above requests are on file in Planning Dept at Chesterfield Co Community Dev Bldg 9800 Government Center Pkwy Chesterfield Va & at Co Admin’s Ofc Rm 504 at Lane B. Ramsey Admin Bldg for public examination during regular business hrs 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Please check first with the Planning Dept. Comments &/or recommendations on above can be submitted to

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