2014-02-12 / Loose Ends


Loose Ends
Susan Nienow

Time for the corn chips to disappear and the salsa to run out. My diet can only stand one Super Bowl and the 2014 edition is long over. I managed to miss it. For years we went to Super Bowl parties where I talked with the women and tried to watch the commercials but couldn’t hear them because of all the football chatter. We ate chips and dip and caught up on the news since the last Super Bowl party.

Football chatter is never technical, and comments range from “Whoa! Would you look at that!” to “Get him!” Occasionally there’s a “Yes!” and a few things that don’t bear repeating.

This morning I asked my other half what the NFC was and why Richard Sherman was one of the subjects of an article in the paper. I thought it was a misprint, and it was supposed to be NFL. I had never heard of Sherman. My other half’s response was that the story wasn’t written for me.

I did know the Seattle Seahawks were playing because I remember their logo with the big hawk beak and because Seattle and Seahawks are alliterative. I didn’t remember which team they were playing, though. Though Denver and Broncos make sense, they don’t begin with the same letter. Alliteration helps me remember things I wouldn’t otherwise notice.

Sorry, some people are sports-minded and some aren’t. When I watch football I often find I lose the ball. Thank goodness for instant replays. I’m always saying things like, “Why did he do that?” and “What did that mean?” Usually I am uninvited to watch sports events on TV.

I have tried to watch football since my high school days in a marching band when I had to go to every game – rain or shine, sleet or snow. I just don’t get it. There are mad scrambles interspersed with team chats and practice lining up. Everybody cheers, and I look around for some explanation and can’t find one.

So, don’t send me any tickets unless it’s to the Rose Bowl. That would be a trip! I would love to see the parade, and the weather is usually sunny and a lot warmer than it is here.

We have never hosted a Super Bowl party. Not that we don’t like parties, especially the chili, chips and dip kind, but our TV is not really party size. Whenever we have been to one, the hosts have a TV half the size of our living room. Do you know how big those Clydesdales are on a big screen?

Speaking of the Clydesdales, I do love most of the commercials. I watched the show on the best Super Bowl commercials and am always amazed at the creative talent. And who can resist little kids and puppies?

The news really stops several weeks before the Super Bowl, and the breaking stories are about who pulled a hamstring in practice. Soon we will be back to wars someplace in the world and celebrity mayhem.

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