2014-09-17 / Loose Ends


Susan Nienow

Someone declared there would be Mondays every week and they would follow two glorious days of leisure time and house cleaning. At least a decade ago I quit making appointments on Mondays because I would forget to go. I just could not get in gear until Monday late afternoon.

Then I took a part-time job and decided to get that work done on Mondays leaving me the rest of the week for play and laundry. If you thought you saw me standing by the side of the road around noon last Monday when it was 99 degrees, you did.

I was the one with the limp hair, airing out my aging silver SUV by opening both front doors. First some of the dashboard lights went on so I called my other half who was enjoying the heat on the golf course. He didn’t have a car and told me to call our car repair shop. The over-the-phone diagnosis was the alternator was going.

As I neared the intersection, the rest of the dashboard lights went on and I felt the power steering give way. I muscled the car around the corner and off to the side of the road. I’ve always wanted to say that. It sounds like the beginning of a detective story.

Then I called roadside service and requested a tow truck, please. The dispatcher had the nerve to ask me where I was. Really? I am the only person in sight not protected by an air-conditioned interior. And what about my GPS – can’t you find me?

I was very near the Chesterfield Police Department so wasn’t surprised when a police car stopped to make sure I was OK. I told him I wasn’t fine, I was hot and my car was dead, thank you. But help was on the way.

After some discussion, we finally agreed on a location. Soon the tow truck driver called – he couldn’t find me. Fortunately he was smart enough to blame the dispatcher for giving him the wrong location. We figured out where I was and he showed up a few minutes later.

Tuesday wasn’t any better. I had a dental appointment. I am a white-knuckle dental patient with complete trust in my dentist, but with long-standing issues with the dental chair.

So, the events on Monday and Tuesday made that week one to forget. OK, just the first two days. The rest of the week was fine. The point is to never trust a Monday. They are sneaky and can turn on you in an instant. I know it wasn’t my car’s fault. It was because it was a Monday.

The other day of the week that can catch me up is Friday. If I am going to get sick, it will start on Wednesday and get really bad about 5 p.m. on Friday. Then it is two days before I can go to the doctor unless I can convince myself that a sore throat is critical enough that I should go to the ER.

There is nothing like the feeling I outsmarted myself.

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