2014-10-29 / Loose Ends

Lost in space

Susan Nienow

Ten days in one carry-on. The weather will be in the 30-40 degree range at night and up to 80 during the day. We are going out West where it is described as high desert. So – layers. I can do it. I know I can. I refuse to pay extra to check my luggage.

It’s the shoes that cause the biggest space problem. For 10 days I would like at least four pairs. One for walking, one for dinner out, one for the travel days and one to go with purple pants. I think I might have to combine two of those categories.

That will mean wear one pair and pack two. I can probably do that.

My other half has said there won’t be room in his suitcase for any of my things which means even if there is, there isn’t. And I don’t want his athletic shoes in my bag either.

I need some books for the plane and for that time before I go to sleep each night. I’ll have to spread those things out between my “purse” and my carry-on. I also never travel without a journal in case I get the urge to write.

Then there are the extras designed to keep me cozy – a warm outdoor scarf and a lightweight one for indoors. I also need a jacket for outdoors and one for indoors.

When I travel, black is my go-to color. I can dress it up or down, and it makes mixing and matching easy. I am throwing in a pair of purple pants because – I need a pair of purple pants. I want to take a black cardigan as well as a black vest and a black jacket. All the more need for colorful scarves.

I had better think of a reason for packing those. I know my other half will ask me why I need purple pants. This from someone whose pants are khaki, khaki and black. Plus, even after being married for decades, he occasionally forgets that I need to make these decisions alone.

I will also take some of my beaded necklaces. My granddaughters love the beads. They like to wear them around the house – for about 15 minutes. They are 3 and 6 years old and have the attention spans of 3- and 6-yearolds.

Having settled that, I can’t forget to pack pajamas. Twice on trips in the last couple of years I have forgotten them and had to buy new ones. For me buying pajamas is as exciting as buying replacement walking shoes.

Then there is the infamous plastic bag of toiletries. We went toothpaste shopping today. They come in 1 ounce or 3.5 ounces. Don’t the toothpaste people travel by air? They have to be 3 ounces.

Time to put my packing skills to work. Actually, I could probably fit more in my suitcase if I have my other half pack it. Uh, maybe I won’t ask. He might say yes just for the opportunity to organize me.

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