2014-11-26 / Loose Ends

Save it ’til winter

Susan Nienow

It’s going to be a busy winter. I have put off everything I wasn’t going to love doing until cold weather when I can’t work in the yard. Now that it’s cold I realize I should have included some things I love to do.

The bathroom’s painted and the next room is our bedroom. We don’t have a color yet except it will be in the brown/caramel range. What we need is company coming – the overnight variety. The kind who stay for a few days and see everything in the house. The kind that isn’t related to either of us.

Then we might be motivated to paint. I actually don’t mind painting. It’s satisfying to cover up marks and have a perfect surface. OK – maybe not perfect but close. It’s like dusting when things have gotten out of hand. I like to see where I’ve been.

My other half has memories of a summer spent painting the ductwork on the roof of a factory. He’s had a thing about painting ever since. He will do the rolling, however. It goes fast compared to the cutting in with a brush.

By the time we are finished painting the interior of the house, it will be time to move. Usually we move by the time all the window treatments are up, but we took care of that shortly after moving in to block out the sun in the summer. The north-facing windows don’t have anything at the windows.

It’s only the deer and the squirrels out here, and they aren’t prone to looking in the windows. Only the raccoons have ever done that – three juveniles scaled the brick wall outside our bedroom and peered in to see if we had any sunflower seeds in there. They got lost on their way to the bird feeder.

We have a lot of photos that need to be put in albums. I gave up on pictures of the kids when they were growing up. Now we store the pictures in a trunk. It’s all in one spot so we can grab the trunk if there is a fire. The only problem is that the trunk is so heavy, we can’t lift it. Do you know how much 37 years of pictures weighs?

Putting things away causes problems. I have tried telling my other half that. If I had left those pictures out from the beginning, I would have done something with them other than storing them in a big trunk. Maybe.

I can’t start on the indoors until I finish the outdoor work. I have successfully put off planting my bulbs until it is cold outside. When I buy them, the ground is too warm to plant them. Then I get busy, go out of town for a week here and four days there and then all of a sudden, it’s cold.

Now the bulbs are sitting on a shelf right by the back door glaring at me every time I go past.

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