2014-12-03 / Loose Ends

The creepy reindeer

Susan Nienow

The small, lighted tree is in the front hall, waiting out Thanksgiving. The snowmen are in their chairs in the family room and a herd of reindeer is scattered throughout the house.

“He’s baaack.” My other half took a picture of the reindeer dressed up as a woodland Santa and texted it to the kids. Our daughter-in-law hates it, and our son is right behind her. They think it’s creepy. So we wanted to be sure they knew he was back. They won’t be here to “enjoy” him anyway.

This is the first Christmas ever that we have put decorations out before Thanksgiving, but we are leaving town for the holiday. It’s kind of fun to do it without the pressure of time. I have two tables of bridge at the house the day after we get back, and we need the house to look festive.

The tree isn’t up, but that can be done later. The only problem with getting the decorations out is that they are in the attic. It is cold up there and also up a flight of stairs. These aren’t things that can just be pitched over the railing like pillows or linens. That’s my favorite way to get things downstairs.

So far I have used my trusty glue gun on two decorations, making them as good as new. What it doesn’t work on is broken candles. We have eight candlesticks for the dining room table and seven candles. One of us was trying to straighten out a candle with a bend and …

Now I have to decide – use seven candles or buy eight new ones. I don’t light them unless we have company so I can’t really tell how old these seven are. They are borderline usable – not really damaged except for the broken one, but not brand-new looking either.

One day I will look at those candles and know they are only good for power outages. I have lots of candles upstairs in the closet. I buy them when I see a good deal. So I have eight green ones, four red ones but a different shape and shade of red, five white ones, eight gold ones and an assortment of others in the closet upstairs.

The tablecloth color calls for red this year. My other half already tried to talk me into using white or gold. They just don’t do the same thing for the table as the red. So do I hunt for new red ones or make do with some I already have?

We had a second candle disaster last year putting the decorations away. One of the reindeer has little dishes on the end of its antlers so we can put glass votives with small pillars on each one. One of the votives took a dive and broke.

This year we decided to put round candles on that reindeer instead. As luck would have it, my candle collection includes three small round candles or four large ones. The reindeer needs four mediums.

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