2015-05-13 / Loose Ends

Out of Order

Loose Ends
Susan Nienow

Even being organized doesn’t help me be organized. It was on my calendar – a class I am taking. I got a reminder in an email giving me a list of things to bring to the class. So automatically assumed that it was sent the week before the class. Tuesday morning I set everything out on the kitchen table, and my other half programmed the GPS for the address of the class.

Then I glanced at the date in the newspaper on the table. The class is next week. The lesson is never make assumptions.

Or it might be to remember the date. am finding that I am having to double-check myself more than I used to.

However, now I really am organized for the class. Next week I will appreciate that.

I also took time yesterday after working in the yard to organize the plants I still have to put in the gardens. As I finish each location, also divide any perennials that need it, putting the extra plants in pots to take to a plant exchange in a few weeks. That sounds very much unlike me. Being systematic, that is.

And in practice, it isn’t like me. The first day I left two plants sitting on the ground next to the plants. I discovered them when I started work yesterday. Since I had watered them before digging them up, they were fine.

Yesterday, I left one plant in one bed and two in another. I saw them when I looked out the window after supper. They were in pots, though. Oh, and there is one in the garage in my wagon.

My other half has learned to pick up my leftovers in the yard. At least it’s easier to find errant potted plants than a hand pruner I set down. I really should paint my tools fluorescent orange so they would be easier to find.

I always carry a bucket or take my wagon to put my tools in, but that hasn’t kept me from putting the pruners down in the shrubbery. I have lost three pairs that way. None of them have resurfaced so I suspect we have a pruner-collecting raccoon in the neighborhood.

It is probably the same one who drags the coffee filters out of the compost pile, eats the coffee grounds and leaves the filter. Now that he’s hooked on caffeine he’ll never leave!

We are getting ready for another road trip – that makes about five or six a year. They are all the same in that they are four days, and we don’t do anything that requires either dressy or sports clothes. I should be able to pack for that in less than an hour.

Last trip I forgot pajamas. A trip to the mall took care of that. While our destination is a small town, it is still civilized territory. The trip before that I left my hair dryer on the counter in the bathroom here at home.

It seems that no matter how organized I am, I will never achieve perfection.

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