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Water sports park raises concerns about noise

I was very disappointed with the article on the Waterford Park [“Water park project stirs traffic concerns,” May 11 issue]. When I read the article, I wondered if the developer had written it, or maybe I had attended a different public meeting. There are serious noise issues that the community needs to know about. The Observer usually does better than this.

The developer has proffered a 65-decibel noise limit to shield Brandermill from the bulk of the outdoor concert noise. In doing so, they’ll blast the noise towards 288, where it will reach Clarendon, and the tip of Old Hundred Mill nearest the park. According to the maps presented, these areas will experience the same effects that Southside Speedway has on my home – noise permeating my home and keeping my family awake. The homeowners in these areas haven’t been notified because the county doesn’t require it. The developer provided no maps showing how far the noise will travel beyond the hear-theconcert in-your-bedroom zone, but it will certainly affect a large number of homes.

VDOT defines a 10-decibel noise increase in a residential area as “significant.” How many additional neighborhoods will be subjected to a significant noise increase? I’ve asked this to the county, and they can’t or won’t give me any information. The county doesn’t require a professional noise study to be submitted. The Observer has done the community a great disservice by making people think the park will be a wonderful addition with few impacts. A lot of residents will feel otherwise once they know the facts.

The land parcel for the water park is currently zoned as a community business district, and according to code “sites should be designed to insure maximum compatibility with, and minimal impact on, existing and future residential development in the area.” The zoning would change from “minimal impact” to outdoor rock concerts any day of the week until midnight. All county residents should be concerned about this zoning amendment because it will set a noise precedent for future development in residential areas. It will be approved if no one else speaks up.

Jeanne Puricelli Brandermill

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