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Weed and read

Loose Ends
Susan Nienow

I am going to start a bucket list. Periodically the news or a magazine will have something on someone’s bucket list. These lists are fairly predictable. Usually visit to the Grand Canyon is on it and several other exotic vacations and maybe some sort of extreme entertainment like a ride in a hot air balloon or paragliding.

My list will start with learning how to knit. I tried decades ago and gave up after suffering great frustration. That is the stuff nightmares are made of. Remember that old game with a piece of string – cat’s cradle or something like that? I never got that either. I have this hole in my brain where threedimensional acuity should be.

Consequently, I get lost easily, always park in the same areas at malls so I can find my car and don’t understand how to put a zipper in a garment and have it work from the outside. But I would love to be able to knit a shawl or a scarf. I don’t need to be able to do anything fancy.

High on the list is cleaning out my craft closet/laundry room. I have to sort the beads and get them in their own little jars. Then I need to decide if I will ever decoupage again and, if not, figure out what to do with the supplies. If I think I will, I need to buy a plastic bin to store the supplies. I also have cross-stitch supplies and rubber-stamping materials.

Fortunately, each of those crafts has a separate bin. No sorting necessary. I should make a decision about whether I am going to use any of this stuff or not. I just can’t bring myself to let any of it go.

The word “hoarder” has been mentioned around here, though not by my other half. It was one of my kids. I ignored it. Just because I have to hop over three baskets full of odds and ends to get to the laundry room sink doesn’t mean I am a hoarder. Really.

Skipping to the next item on my bucket list, I want to have my yard weeded all at one time. By the time I finish weeding one area, the weeds have grown back where I first started. The problem with this item is that I don’t know how to make it happen without hiring an army of weeders.

Overlooking the cost of such an enterprise, where would I find quality weeders? I want my plants to survive. The weeders would have to be able to tell the difference. Maybe hang gliding would be easier.

I am going to read a novel in the middle of the afternoon on a day that isn’t rainy and not feel guilty because I’m not doing something more productive. It’s not the reading part that’s tricky – it’s the guilt part.

I don’t have a talented brushstroke in my body, but I would like to take some art lessons from someone who could overlook my lack of ability.

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