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‘Liberal’ teachers part of educational decline

Chesterfield County School librarian Shelley Murray criticizes my analytical skills [“Librarians often do know best,” Jan. 11] because I disagreed with her fellow librarian, Elizabeth Cole Kyser [“Parental notification handcuffs teachers,” Dec. 14], and her views about parental notification involving reading materials in our public schools. While I disagree with Murray’s conclusion, if she believes I lack analytical proficiency, I hope she assigns partial blame to her fellow teachers. I am, after all, a product of the Chesterfield County Public School System.

Murray says teachers should be trusted and treated like professionals.

I would like to applaud my schoolteachers of a bygone era for their professionalism. On Field Day, teachers awarded ribbons only to the victors rather than the collective “we are all winners” pep talk children hear today. My parents never had a child return from school ashamed of his country, calling the president of either party evil, blaming their SUV for climate change or reporting he had sex with his teacher. Finally, my teachers didn’t try to undermine my parents or call them unqualified to render an opinion as to the education of their own child. Do today’s teaching “professionals” take the same approach?

Sadly, teachers of today are products of the declining educational system of their time, with a dim outlook for tomorrow. Today’s delicate students demand “safe spaces” free from differing opinions and have meltdowns at the slightest unpleasantness. They have been accommodated by their teachers when demanding a right to be un-offended, and taught that a hashtag should result in demands being met. These students will be the teachers of tomorrow. Shudder!

From reading her letter, do you believe Murray really respects parental input? She desires “academic freedom” which translates “give us your tax dollars and shut up.” This issue about reading materials is part of a larger cultural war about who has the right to teach your children, you or the government. Liberals have politicized many institutions – and schools are no different.

During the recent election cycle, the Center For Responsive Politics documents that the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers together donated over $30 million dollars to Democratic candidates/groups. In a lopsided contrast, they donated $296,670 to Republicans.

During 2015 and 2016, another review shows the Chesterfield Education Association sent 100 percent of its political contributions to Democratic/ anti-Republican candidates and groups. Are we to believe this bias doesn’t appear in the classroom or in attitudes toward (conservative) parents?

It is time we recognize that many teachers are nothing more than liberal activists who just happen to work in the public schools. They are on a mission to create a future generation of Democrats. Whether it’s the books our children read or their views on various social or civic matters, many teachers are using their positions to proselytize for Democratic viewpoints rather than to provide a quality education.

Clayton W. Rhoades

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