2017-02-15 / Loose Ends

Space Craft

Out with the old
Susan Nienow

Not just one but two cobwebs covered the back corners of the sink in my laundry/ craft-storage room. I do clean my house, but there was no point in dealing with the sink, because I was using it as storage for extra vases, some glass globes for a future craft project and a canister of colored pencils and markers that didn’t fit on the counter or the shelves or in the drawers.

The floor was covered with bags, plastic crates and a tall stack of empty photo storage boxes. Oh, and a pile of mending and ironing in a too-small laundry basket. To maximize storage, I also hung baskets, bags of supplies and hangers from the high shelf running down one wall and over the door.

I probably don’t need to mention the washer and dryer, the floor-to-ceiling shelving along a short wall and the two narrow plastic sets of drawers. All spaces were full. Not even room for another colored pencil. My other half mentioned that word – hoarding – once or twice but found it was not effective. Eventually I could not find a safe place to stand and reach the dryer. Forget the sink. Not only were there cobwebs, but even they had been abandoned.

So my creative other half started searching for a perfect storage unit for my beads. They were clearly too heavy for the four-drawer plastic unit that had a distinct lean to the left. This rendered the drawers inoperable. At that point, I became a bead collector instead of a beader.

Understand my other half is a shopper, though not for normal things. He likes salvage, tools – guy stuff. So he’s had an eye out for a tool storage unit. They are metal and can handle the weight of beads. A month ago he found the answer to his problem. A 4-foot-tall metal tool storage chest on wheels. It was a price he could not pass up.

The unit is brown and actually could be mistaken for a piece of furniture if your eyes were closed. I circled it for a few days. We had to make friends. I am not a natural with mechanics’ storage units. Then I decided it was perfect and got to work. It took more than a week to sort my beading supplies and transfer them to the unit.

Out went the old chest of drawers and in came the new. It was wonderful. I also purged the room of my stick collection – used in flower arrangements – my half-finished craft projects that would never be retrievable and several containers of pinecones. I kept the gold ones.

The room is amazing. I can close the doors, use the sink, put the laundry basket in front of the dryer when I unload it, and I don’t have to move things off the washer to use it. I think my other half is chalking this up to a miracle. I am taking full credit for my organizational skills, but know it is really his creative shopping that allowed me to clean the cobwebs out of the sink.

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