2017-03-15 / Letters

School custodial contract misguided

I’m writing to express my concern of the custodial cutbacks of Chesterfield County Public Schools after reading the article “Penalties pile up for school contractor,” Feb. 22.

I am a former student of James River High School (class of 2015) and of Robious Middle School and Bon Air Elementary School. All my life I have grown up in the public school setting, and I’ve never once had an issue with the cleaning staff at any of these schools. I’ve also taken multiple summer classes and sessions at other county schools, including Monacan High, Cosby High and Clover Hill High, and I have been pleased by how well the janitorial staff has always kept the schools clean.

After reading through the article, I was concerned about the funding cutbacks because certain quotas have not been met. Although I don’t know the ins and outs of the specific rules for the custodial contractor, I was shocked that something like this couldn’t be changed by the school system. It seems to me there is this imbalance of power due to cutbacks and saving money, as well as maintaining a specific “reputation” to hire other cleaning companies to help meet these custodial rules. Maybe the concern needs to shift more toward cleaning efficiency versus money management and reputations.

Benjamin Caracciolo

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