2017-03-29 / Loose Ends

From the Top

In no special order
Susan Nienow

Open any magazine and you are likely to find a list of The Top however many reasons, places, gifts and ways to run your life. Well, I have finally narrowed my list down to 10 or so.

I don’t have a category. I am simply doing the important ones, and they are not in any special order. In fact, No. 5 may be important one day, but not the next.

No. 1: When you get a chance, stop to look at the beads. Remember, this is my list, so my beads may be your roses or diamonds. Buy a few or trade with a friend. Trading started many civilizations.

Pull every weed. This is my equivalent of “climb every mountain.” It just means do all you can do in whatever you are passionate about. While weeds hardly compare to mountains, I guarantee I have spent as much time on them as mountain climbers spend on their passion. It is only slightly less dramatic a view when I see my garden with no weeds.

Make friends with wrinkled clothes and dust bunnies. You don’t have to create art from dryer lint, but you do need to learn how to see dust as insignificant until you want to do something about it. About those wrinkles: soften them with a water mist, but let them go. The mother of a college acquaintance of my daughter’s ironed her daughter’s blue jeans the day they moved into the dorms freshman year. I knew then there might be some holes in my daughter’s training – not to mention mine.

But I moved on. I was more concerned with figuring out how to get tear-stains out of my shirt!

So, here we are at No. 4. Probably I shouldn’t have to say this, but I always need reminding to watch my mouth. I once said the Brussels sprouts in the grocery store looked a little sad, and the lady behind me defended them. I don’t know if she had stock in those baby cabbages or thought I was attacking her favorite grocery store. Now I am more careful about what I say and where I say it.

Five is simple: Never tell a friend she already has a pair of black boots when you are shoe shopping. Now it is up to you to extrapolate your own No. 5 from this. It has to come from personal experience.

I can’t leave out chocolate. There has to be a mention of chocolate in any list. It has been proven to be good for you, but we chocolate lovers already knew that. There is nothing like the silky chocolate of the ear on that bunny or the foil-wrapped red bell. Holidays wouldn’t be the same without it. Valentines Day would be reduced to sugar hearts with sappy sayings. The heart of the holiday would be missing.

More on this list later. I have to learn how to iron my jeans.

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