2017-04-19 / Letters

Fight to protect environment must occur at local level

The coal ash amendments made by Gov. McAuliffe, and approved by the General Assembly [“GOP ushers through coal ash legislation,” April 12], is satisfying news in the wake of what has been going on at the federal level. It still is a little concerning that the original bill was even given a chance to be amended, giving Dominion Power the discretion on how to close down their coal ash ponds. Now the bill has been amended again in an agreeable fashion. We can only hope it sticks as it is.

Since the Trump administration has a clear vision on how they think the environment should be handled, the battle for environmental progress should be focused at the local and state levels. We’ve seen the budget proposals and the downsizing directed toward the EPA, as well as plans to almost completely eradicate the Chesapeake Bay funds. We should continue protesting the current administration’s attack on science and encourage our senators and representatives to do the right thing. We also need to gather as a community and work to protect our environment.

Malik Hall

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