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Observer shows pro-immigration bias

The recent article in the Chesterfield Observer entitled “Hiding in Plain Sight” [March 22] is a one-sided liberal discussion presenting the interest of illegal immigrants while ignoring the impact of illegal immigration on society and the family devastation resulting from egregious crimes (rape, murder, robbery) committed by illegal immigrants. The article mentions illegal immigrants driving without a license due to their lack of legal status. What are the ramifications of an unlicensed driver if there is an accident? Drivers and the public are put at risk because an illegal immigrant chooses to drive and disobeys laws others are required to follow.

An honest discussion of illegal immigration must mention the demand for illegal immigration by employers who seek their cheap labor. A study last year by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NAS) found that native-born workers with limited education, teenagers, recovering addicts, the disabled and similarly situated individuals face significant competition from illegal immigrants resulting in a depressing impact on wages. The NAS study examined the services provided to immigrants (i.e., Medicaid, food stamps, school lunches) versus taxes they pay and found a net deficit estimated at over $200 billion.

In a book by Dr. Robert Putman entitled “Bowling Alone” (2000) he found a social stratification has taken place. Institutions previously fostering assimilation no longer have the same influence on society. This is reflected in declining church attendance, fewer union members, lower participation in politics, civic and social organizations. Immigrants, having lived here for many years, self-identify with their ethnic nationality rather than desire to be an American. Diversity has brought less amalgamation and “e pluribus unum” seems an outdated idea. A dramatic change from the past.

Sanctuary cities are a new phenomenon with politicians often favoring the interests of illegal immigrants over those of the public they swore to protect. The shooting death of Kate Steinle is a case in point. Sanctuary cities mock U.S. law (8 US Code Section 1324 and 1373) which speaks to the entry, harboring, aiding and abetting, etc., of illegal immigrants. And they mock those immigrants who follow the law to become American citizens.

Illegal immigration is a highly controversial issue and should have been presented in an objective and balanced manner. The Chesterfield Observer, as in the past, clearly missed the opportunity to be fair and honest in its coverage. It’s a free publication – worth every penny you pay.

Wayne Maybach

The 2016 immigration study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine offers a range of fiscal impacts, based on different assumptions. The study indeed found that first- and second-generation immigrants – both documented and undocumented – created a fiscal shortfall of more than $300 billion for local, state and federal governments in fiscal year 2013. But the report also found that over the long term, immigrants create a net gain to the overall economy, with each immigrant presenting a net value of $259,000 to local, state and federal governments. – Editor

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