2017-04-19 / Loose Ends


A sticky subject
Susan Nienow

My computer screen is outlined in sticky notes in various electric colors like hot pink, fluorescent yellow and luscious orange. Of course, each piece of paper has a memo or two on it – things I shouldn’t forget. There’s an IOU for the next time I see my gardening friend and a reminder to change the billing information for my mother’s prescriptions.

Less time sensitive are the websites for decorating and craft ideas and supplies, an address of a friend I need to send a card to and a few Q words and other helpful tips for when I play Scrabble online.

I can tell how old the sticky is by the color. I have a multicolored pad of stickies and the orange was on top. Now I’m working on the yellow. These are the standard-size stickies. I also have the larger size that is styled after the legal pad, except it is hot pink and 4" x 6".

Probably I should save the larger sheets for long lists, but I have two sheets up on the computer with only one item on each. This is not my finest display of logic.

My other half will occasionally pass through my office and ask why I don’t put that address and phone number in my phone or make a master list of websites I like. Yes, I know about bookmarks on my computer. I just don’t know how to make them work. I trust paper.

One drawback to my system is that stickies stick. Sometimes I stick one to my calendar – yes, paper calendar. That works fine and the sticky will stay in my calendar book. What doesn’t always work is putting a sticky on a magazine cover or a brochure, a piece of mail or a flower catalog page I have torn out. I do that to mark a plant I want to find locally. The problem is finding that page on my cluttered desk and hoping the sticky note didn’t stick to something else.

Sometimes the edge of my desk is covered in sticky notes. I can’t put them anywhere else on the desk because my desk is full of papers, magazines, catalogs and stacks of notepads that come in the mail. Organizations send them, wanting a donation in exchange for that 3" x 5" pad with ten pages. I save all of them because I don’t like to waste things.

It’s too bad they’re not sticky pads, but then, they aren’t colorful either. I use the colorful ones so they are easier to spot in the midst of all my papers. So far the hot pink is the easiest to find.

Unfortunately I don’t date my messages, making it easy to forget the context in which I wrote them. Who is Craig? And Anna? They have phone numbers and aren’t related because their information is on two different stickies. Anna I found stuck to the bottom of a magazine. Does anyone know Anna?

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