2017-05-17 / Loose Ends

Fast Times

They are a changin’
Susan Nienow

It’s a fast-moving world out there, and I can’t keep up. Just when I think I’ve got a handle on things, I am distracted by something else and when I look back, things have changed.

Language is a big part of this. What is the replacement word for awesome? Or maybe I need the word for the word after awesome. I liked awesome until it started appearing on T-shirts, and then I knew I had to abandon it. Now what do I say when I really like a photo or a dessert, for example? My word has gone another direction.

I look back to the time we moved into this house. It was just a few years ago. Then I count it up, and it was 15 years ago. Fifteen! That is long enough for the wood around the garage door to show signs of decay. How is that possible in a new house?

We have been here long enough that some of our shrubs have entered senility. They are giving up, one branch at a time. I love those mimosa trees – the ones that grow on the side of the highways. We have gone through three of them. They are fast growing and short lived, especially here. They are also invasive imported plants, so I am giving up on them and will have to enjoy the ones along the highways.

The music I grew up with is still being played today. I like the fact that it is still enjoyed today – until someone calls it “oldies.” That makes my teeth grind. Or is that phrase also an “oldie”?

I finally gave up on the race to keep up with the music trends. I’m at the “Who did you say that was?” stage. I don’t recognize most of the names and frankly, some of the music hurts my ears. Thank goodness I can’t understand most of the words. So the music awards shows are off limits.

Chasing fashion trends is not one of my goals these days. Some of them I run from and others I try to figure out how to adjust the trend to my age and lifestyle. Cutouts are out. So are mini anythings. I like to layer my clothes so I can adjust to the temperature if I need to. Some years jackets, sweaters and vests are considered unfashionable. I ignore that and pull the old stuff out of the closet.

Some years I can’t buy shoes because what’s in style is not comfortable. Other times I just don’t like the styles, comfortable or not. In the past, this made for some agonizing shoe-shopping decisions. The good thing about discovering I’m losing the race is being able to unload all of those decisions about trends. I am not good at little decisions anyway.

Fortunately my passion is flowers, and they are not changing so fast I can’t keep up. I never felt the need to know the name of every little flower anyway. Excuse me while I go hang out at one of the nurseries for the afternoon, where life is slower. ¦

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