2017-05-24 / Letters

Behavior at Dave Brat’s town hall ‘appalling’

The conduct of the young lady at the town hall meeting held at Clover Hill Assembly of God with Congressman Dave Brat was beyond appalling [“Teeming with Anger,” May 17]. To raise middle fingers and shout the F-bomb at anyone is beyond rude and vulgar. And to do such in a church demonstrates a contempt beyond all standards of respect and decency. The rudeness of the crowd was as appalling as it was infantile. The net effect of such behavior is a complete discrediting of the views held by those who express themselves in such base and vile ways.

Our church has hosted many community meetings where local developers share information about proposed projects. Some attendees show up with concerns and take issue with proposals, but they do not express their opposition, or even anger, inappropriately. If anyone were to shout vulgarities, he/she would be asked to leave, and should a crowd be boorishly rude, the meeting would be ended completely.

The more protesters shout, block traffic, boo, curse or resort to violence, the more voters there are who are inclined to say: “Okay, I am definitely against what you think and what you stand for.”

Rev. Lee Ellison


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