2017-05-24 / Letters

Liberal group promotes fiscal irresponsibility

It was interesting and somewhat amusing to read about the Liberal Women of Chesterfield County [“Rise of the progressives,” May 3] in their quest to unseat Republicans. The Democrats, reacting hysterically since November, would be described more accurately as leftist instead of liberal or progressive. A third of them boycotted the inauguration. After the health care repeal vote in early May, the Democrats sang a mocking song in the House of Representatives reminiscent of the puerile spectacle a year ago when they sat on the floor after losing a vote on a Second Amendment issue. One expects this from an unhinged Stephen Colbert or college students, but not from members of Congress.

It seems the primary thrust of the Liberal Women of Chesterfield County, or LWCC, is to oppose anything Re- publican and object to the repeal of the disastrous Obamacare legislation. They also seek control of the School Board, presumably to indoctrinate students with a leftist agenda to prepare them for the faculties running our universities, many of whom consider Karl Marx superior to Thomas Jefferson.

The Democrats preach victimology (some women buy it) and their agenda hasn’t changed since the November defeat. They don’t seem to understand they have lost their appeal to many working, middle class men and women who voted for Trump despite his warts. Their program of tax and spend will destroy the county and the country. We have been warned for years by experts and members of both parties that entitlements and the interest on the national debt will strangle our economy in the near future if we don’t make changes. Unless we return economic growth to at least 3 or 4 percent, our future is bleak. The anemic recovery from recession was due to the failed fiscal policies the Democrats and the LWCC wish to continue. Obama was the first president who failed to achieve a 3 percent growth rate in any year. During his terms he doubled the national debt, which stands at $20 trillion dollars. Greece and Venezuela should be a warning to all voters.

Chesterfield has one of the highest tax rates in the area. The LWCC seems to prefer it higher. The county also has a terrific credit rating. If residents want higher taxes and a lowered credit rating due to fiscal irresponsibility, follow the advice of the LWCC.

Mitch Tedeschi

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