2017-07-12 / Letters

Left unfairly targets Dave Brat

Compassion for others? Are you kidding?

In the first two paragraphs, Heather Nees proved my point of “left wing bias” [“Opposition to Brat rooted in compassion for others,” July 5]. I believe Congressman Dave Brat was elected by a majority of citizens from the 7th District. I also believe that his views are the same now as when he was elected. The writer is right, town hall meetings are a way for him to communicate to his voters, but it is not a forum for the left wing to drown out and disrupt the meeting because Brat does not believe in their myopic view of the world. The writer’s dislike for his supporters comes through loud and clear. I thank the writer for all her good works, as she so aptly pointed out. I also believe others without the writer’s left-of-center bias also do good works in the community. The writer castigated Congressman Brat for his beliefs and those of his voters. I believe she made my case, since the writer seems to believe she’s the only one who is right. My way or the highway seems to fit the writer’s mantra very well.

Vic Hobson

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