2017-07-12 / Loose Ends

Denim Duds

Those jean scene blues
Susan Nienow

Finding jeans that fit and feel good is harder than buying a new car or choosing a dress for my child’s wedding. It is actually one of the hardest things I have ever done. Just because I bought jeans from a store last year and they looked and felt great doesn’t mean I can buy a similar pair from the same store this year.

For one thing, styles change. This year it is leggings, straight legs or narrow boot cut. Or there could be a half dozen other shapes I am not aware of. I don’t shop anywhere frequented by teenagers or even young adults. I find they don’t speak my language. They also talk too fast.

Their jeans often come with rips and holes. Mine don’t. I want to pay for an entire pair. I don’t want jeans that get baggy knees the first time I kneel down in them. I also don’t want them to stretch out in the waist. I had a pair like that once, and they went in the wash after each wearing so they could shrink back down to size.

Another reason I can’t count on the same store to have the same jeans two years in a row is that the store may not be there a year from now. Or they may have changed from selling jeans to adults to selling jeans to pre-adults. Or I may have changed from fitting into jeans for middle-aged active females to not.

So, I go on the hunt. I’m only fussy about fit – and maybe color, and last of all price. Denim blue or black are OK, and so are shades of brown. Magenta and any day-glow colors are out. Pastels and white tend to make things look larger, so I definitely forgo those.

No plaids or patchwork, no words of any kind and definitely no symbols like hearts or characters like frogs. I love frogs and some patchwork, but not on my jeans.

I don’t want rhinestones on the back or front pockets, or embroidery either. Of course, I plan to cover that part up with a shirt or jacket anyway; if the pants fit, I can make an exception.

Once I bought black jeans with shiny black imitation rhinestones (oxymoron alert) and denim blue ones with embroidery on the back pockets and down the edge of the front pockets. No one ever saw that part, though, and that was before long tunics were so popular.

I haven’t been able to find the perfect jeans this year, so I have been reduced to wearing jumpers. So far I’ve bought two at discount stores, so that guarantees not being able to find that brand and style again. They don’t bag or sag, they are long enough in the leg, they have no extras like little embroidered frogs, and the price was right.

But they are the last ones in the city. Maybe in the state. What am I going to do next year?

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