2017-08-02 / Letters

Mother set strong example standing up for daughter

After reading the July 19 article about Amy Warner and the incident with the principal and P.E. teacher at Bellwood Elementary, I feel compelled to comment on this headline: “Bellwood mom lashes out at school system” seems to characterize her as unreasonable or hot-tempered. I tend to think she is a champion for her daughter and is courageous in the example she sets for other females/ mothers and parents. If this article is accurate, she contacted the school in advance and informed them of the accommodations her daughter would need. Some fault must fall on the school administration, who failed to communicate and educate the teachers regarding the circumstances regarding the student. It appears to me that Ms. Warner wants tolerance and accountability.

Now, to credit Ms. Warner as a teacher. If she has had 10 years of teaching experience, she has a professional understanding of how the system should work. I agree with her that cultural awareness and sensitivity training are long overdue in our county school system.

As parents, we are given many opportunities to teach our children. Setting an example of open communication and supporting your child in the challenges they may face are two to be admired.

Ellen Wood

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