2017-08-09 / Announcements

Lt. Col. Kelly named interim chief of police

Kelly Kelly Col. Thierry G. Dupuis has announced that following his retirement, Lt. Col. Daniel W. Kelly will serve as interim chief of police. Kelly’s appointment will be effective Sept. 1 and will continue until the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors appoints a new chief of police. Kelly currently serves as the department’s deputy chief of police for support. Kelly, who has a master’s in police administration, began his law enforcement career in 1987 with the Chesterfield County Police Department. He has served in each of the department’s four bureaus, as well as the Office of the Chief and the Office of Professional Standards.


The Chesterfield County Planning Commission is currently reviewing and updating the 2012 Comprehensive Plan and would like to hear from residents. Each month a few updated draft chapters will be made available for public comment. Citizen comments will be presented to the Planning Commission and posted online and may be incorporated into the revised chapters. After the entire document has been reviewed, a series of public meetings will be held to hear what the community thinks about the updated Comprehensive Plan in its entirety.

July Jingle Run 
CHIP SCAVONE July Jingle Run CHIP SCAVONE The following draft chapters are open for comment until midnight, Sept. 4.

Chapter 9: Environment

Chapter 10: The Land Use Plan

Chapter 11: Special Area Plans

Chapter 12: Water & Wastewater

Chapter 14: Bikeways & Trails

To provide comment, visit or call 796-7192.

Governor Terry McAuliffe recently recognized Chesterfield County for its use of alternative fuels. The governor presented the county with his Green Fleet Award for the county’s leadership in transitioning vehicles to alternative fuels and its five advanced fueling stations for state and local government vehicles.

The Chesterfield County School Board recently adopted a prototype design for the new replacement Manchester Middle and for any subsequent middle schools that will be built in the future. The Manchester Middle construction project is part of the bond referendum overwhelmingly approved by Chesterfield County voters in 2013. Six companies submitted design proposals. RRMM Architects was awarded the contract for its two-story design of almost 134,000 square feet that will accommodate 1,100 middle school students. The school is scheduled to open in January 2020. More information, including details about what the contract includes, is available at vsba/chesterfield/Board.nsf/Public.


SwimRVA will host the 2020 U.S. Masters Swimming Summer National Championship, after successfully winning a bid for the competition. An estimated 1,200 20-foot screen will also be installed outside the facility for spectators to watch the competition. Any money SwimRVA earns because of the competition will be used to further the nonprofit’s mission to teach the region to swim. To learn more about SwimRVA visit Learn more about U.S. Masters Swimming at

The Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Christmas Mother’s July Jingle Run, held on July 29 in Pocahontas State Park, featured 176 walkers and runners who raised more than $11,000 for the program. The Christmas Mother program works to ensure that no family is without food, no child is without toys and clothing, and no elderly person is forgotten during the holidays.

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