2017-08-16 / Letters

Housing imbalance a product of social engineering

I noticed in your story “County suffers jobs-housing imbalance” [July 26] there was no mention of who funded the study. The funding probably came from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, administered by HUD or developers aiming to get that money. The trust fund would be a direct grant to developers, not a loan or a tax credit.

This is another example of the government trying to circumvent the market. The market says people of means don’t want to live, shop and work in areas of poverty and high crime. This jobs-housing problem is the confluence of social engineering and crony capitalism. After the developers build their low-income housing and get paid a fortune, the people of means will move to Powhatan, Amelia and Goochland. Then Goochland will be left with a blighted community, developers will be counting their money, and the county of Chesterfield will say, “What happened?”

Then there will be a new study saying that there is an imbalance in Amelia, Powhatan, and Goochland. Social engineers and greedy developers will say, “Have we got a solution for you?”

When the left and the right agree, hide your wallet.

George Stathis

Editor’s note: Indeed, we omitted who funded the report, “Understanding the Jobs-Affordable Housing Balance in the Richmond Region.” The report was funded by the Community Foundation, Richmond Association of Realtors and the Center of Urban and Regional Analysis at VCU’s L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs.

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