2017-08-30 / Letters

Why the ‘endless attacks’ against Dave Brat?

This is in response to your Aug. 16 article, “Brat declines meeting with liberal groups.”

Most of us in the 7th District are fed up with the endless attacks on our congressman both by organized demonstrators and the media who condone these actions. Dave Brat has fought both parties in Washington and has been a lone voice of reason, warning of the economic collapse if we continue on the path of reckless spending. He has stuck to his principles that he campaigned on and is the same man he was in 2014.

Why is your paper not calling out U.S. Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner for being missing in action and not having town halls in the area? Why isn’t your paper asking U.S. Rep. Donald McEachin how he can talk with a straight face about the rising cost of health care when he spent years as an ambulance-chasing personal injury attorney who contributed to the soaring rates of insurance? We expect the national media to be blatant in their liberal bias, but I, like many readers, expect more from the Chesterfield Observer.

Richard Roberts II

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