2017-09-06 / Loose Ends

Waiting game

I love you, tomorrow

I am a master at procrastination. Especially when it comes to purging. I can hardly function at my desk. My arms are propped up on a stack of papers so I can get to the keyboard. I think I’m afraid to start – all those decisions. Do I keep, throw away (by recycling, of course), shred, file, give it to someone else or burn it?

I don’t have anything so valuable it might need to be burned, though. I flunked spy school because I laughed when we had to write a chalk message on a trashcan in the park. The things that I keep – do I add them to the things already in the file that I haven’t looked at in 10 years?

Then if I want to really feel guilty about procrastinating, I can look at my closet, a dumping ground for clothes spanning three sizes and at least a decade, maybe two. Now some of them have been designated as gardening clothes. The problem is that I only need so many to get me through until the next laundry day.

I know of several places to donate “gently” used clothes and vow to get rid of at least half of the extras. Hey, I am being realistic here. If I have kept clothes for over 10 years, I can’t be expected to give away all of the extras that are only two years old.

I need a class on “letting go.” I still have my favorite trowel with the red handle even though it is really not a very good one. It isn’t sharp or easy to use. I just am attached to it, and to my favorite light blue beach towel with the white fringe on the ends. It is pretty thin now and we have newer beach towels, but I can’t relegate it to the rag pile yet. So it just holds down a spot on the shelf in my closet.

My procrastination isn’t limited to sorting things. I can put off washing windows until we have houseguests, ending up outside with cold wet hands and a bucket of cleaning supplies in late November. I have planted bulbs in February and raked leaves in January, hoping the ticks are frozen that time of year.

I habitually send birthday and anniversary cards late and gifts are often a month late. I am pretty good at Christmas gifts getting where they need to be before the big day, but I never did get my cards sent last year. I guess it’s too late now.

Some things solve themselves. If I put off washing the car, eventually it will rain and wash the dust off. If I leave the mending long enough, the clothes are out of style or don’t fit anymore.

Most of the weeds die when the weather turns cold and the winter weeds die when it gets too warm. I must be stretching the point here, because if that were true, I wouldn’t have to weed.

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