2017-09-13 / Letters

Observer misses point with Bellwood headline

In “Bellwood staff to receive ‘sensitivity’ training,” Aug. 23, using the word sensitivity to describe the corrective action totally diminishes the harm done by the school instructor as well as the corrective action by the school system.

If the child in question had been Christian or even nonreligious and still a member of the dominant community, the teacher would not have gone the extra step of pointing out her difference to the other children and further separating the child from the other children by punishing them for her lack of performance following her complaint of physical distress.

Segregation by driving people out is obviously still in play.

Important issues of law deserve better than a dismissive word in a headline. This is especially true when the word is used by a headline editor without knowing how it misses the point of the story unless the action was designed to dismiss the complaint altogether. The corrective action as something to be solved by sensitivity training is not only offensive, it more importantly excuses the action altogether.

Charles E. James Sr.

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