2017-10-04 / Loose Ends

Knock knock

Going bump in the night
Susan Nienow

Sleep tight! That’s what I told my kids when they were little and what I hope for my other half. There is something about having someone asleep in the room when I have to do something else that turns me into a noisy klutz.

A short trip to the bathroom can result in a knocked over glass of ice water, a trip over a suitcase left on the floor or a door latching unexpectedly when closed. The spilled ice water required cleanup with a towel from the rag pile and a light to chase the slippery ice cubes. If the noise didn’t wake my other half up, the light surely did. Oops.

The suitcase was mine and had been on the floor in that spot for eight days or so. I am not good at unpacking when I get home from a trip. And who remembers things like what’s on the floor at 4 a.m.? Of course, he always unpacks and puts the suitcase away within an hour of returning home. That fact just remained unspoken, hovering in the air until the next morning when I copped to the irresponsibility of leaving it on the floor.

I am not good at putting things away. It may be more than “not good at,” but I never thought I would trip over a suitcase I knew was there. A lesson learned and another about using a lidded thermos for ice water.

Last week I went to bed late and after creeping into the bedroom, I tripped over the leg of my chair very quietly, but then I knocked over my earring case, causing it to pinwheel across the wood floor. Every pin strike on the floor caused a crash-like noise and a sudden movement by my other half. He sat up and said, “What’s that?”

My first words were, “Sorry – I knocked something off my dresser.” He mumbled something and turned over. Unfortunately, the earrings had scattered everywhere. Stepping on any could cause damage to my earrings, not to mention to my bare feet. So, the light went on and I literally swept up the earrings with a broom and dumped them into a bag. Sorting was scheduled for the next morning.

I did find all the earrings, unless I lost a pair. It’s those little plastic stoppers that come in a package of 80 that I will be finding for the next year.

My marriage is blessed with two people who have different sleep talents. My other half goes to sleep with no problem and stays asleep until morning. I am challenged in the sleep area. I think I dream of reasons to wake up – too hot, too cold, have to go to the bathroom, thirsty or forgot to do something important before bed so need to write it down for morning.

And then there are the leg cramps. While I try to rub that cramped muscle and hop around quietly on the other leg …

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