2017-11-08 / Loose Ends

Bucket up

To do or not to do
Susan Nienow

I love lists. One of my favorite books is a book of lists of plants that grow well under different conditions in the South. The day I got the book as a gift I sat down and read it from cover to cover. Some might consider it about as interesting as reading a phone book, but I love plants more than lists.

Lots of people draw up bucket lists. The trick is to make it a true “want” list and not sneak “to-do” items in there. The difference between the two is that “to-do” items are the ones I procrastinate doing, and that involve cleaning or fixing something or require a lot of time with undesirable side effects like sore muscles, bug bites and broken fingernails.

So, I will list some of my bucket list items. Feel free to borrow my dreams. These are in no particular order.

I would love to visit a rare plant nursery, a nursery that carries a lot of dwarf conifers and small shrubs. Another shopping opportunity would be garden urns and sculptures.

On my other half’s bucket list would be at least one microbrewery. I could skip that and move on to the pottery shop that in my ideal world would be across the street. Also on my list is to visit as many handmade jewelry shops as possible. My other half loves woodcarvings – especially birds of prey.

One item on my bucket list is to zip line in a rain forest. Do not tell my other half, though – I might actually have to do it. Some things might be better remaining dreams. I want to flip a house on a street where one rehabbed house might start a trend. Of course, I would win an award and end up with my own TV show.

Along with a bucket list I have a “never going to do that” list. Those activities are firm. I never want to take a hot air balloon ride. They are beautiful, and I would love to take pictures of them – with my feet on the ground. The same goes for mountain climbing.

Also on that list is joining a choir, entering a singing contest or trying out for anything where I would be on stage. While the stage is an issue, singing is really the big no. I would add to that racing of any kind – running, skating, cycling and swimming. You get the drift.

Of course, there are many things that go without actually listing them, like collecting spiders or snakes, training tigers or even keeping a saltwater fish tank. These fall under the “eek” title or the “too much work” column.

My roommate’s pets traumatized me several decades ago – OK, more than several decades. She went on vacation leaving me in charge of her two “male” guinea pigs, hamster and fish tank. As soon as she left, the fish got the ick, the hamster absconded into the woodwork and one of the “male” guinea pigs had babies. Never again.

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