2017-12-06 / Loose Ends

Still learning

Back to normal

I have learned so much in the past week. I now know that our granddaughters prefer ham to turkey, and they love outdoor time – running and climbing. I am no longer the running, climbing type, but we did some beading together.

We are now the proud owners of a tadpole in a wineglass that we don’t know what to do with. Thankfully the water bug disappeared before the girls left, so we didn’t have to write a memorial for it and read it over FaceTime. We might have to do something like that for the tadpole, unless it lives long enough for the girls to quit asking about “Wiggles” and move on to something else.

One thing we learned is not to bother finding activities for the girls. Their parents had their own plans and everyone was happy without any entrance fees or closing times – or gift shops, though that gave me a slight pang.

Now I am left with my bulbs to plant, some winter weeds to kill and some late fertilizing to do. There is ice cream cake frosting on the back door and Rice Krispies – well, here and there. Also one small hot pink sock. I love it. I wonder how long I can leave those blue and red frosting streaks on the back door?

Having taken a week off, I am not looking forward to returning to the gym. I have moved from eight repetitions to twelve and am adding weight regularly. Actually, I am not adding the weight, my trainer is. He says it is his job. Well, he delights in doing his job well!

Twice a week I crawl into the gym and walk out – proud of myself for showing up. And for wearing exercise clothes. I never thought I would put that much Lycra on my body. Occasionally I just show up in my jeans. No one objects. I don’t think the other members care. If I go in the afternoon I am the only one there besides a few people silently working out.

I have to talk when I work out. Hence the trainer. Serious exercisers have those ear things and can’t hear anything I say. Kind of unfriendly, I think. The sessions just last so long when I can’t talk to someone. One of these years I will learn how to make a playlist.

Speaking of talking, I’m at the age when most people I know don’t hear as well as we used to, so no one minds when they have to repeat something. My granddaughters would repeat things for me but got visibly impatient after the third time. I can’t blame them, but this isn’t something I can fix. They don’t know they have to look at me when they talk and not put their hands in front of their mouths. And no food, speak up and stick to the subject.

How hard is that? I do have hearing aids, but don’t always wear them. And kids love to be told to be louder.

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